Creating a .ssh key in window and Mac machines

How to generate ssh key in winows - open a git bash any where and give the command  ssh-keygen -t rsa -C "" It will ask you the location where to store the key, just press enter(By default it will take the location C:computerName/users/.ssh/id_rsa) It will ask you for passphrase(If you wanna give passphrase you can give else simply press enter) It will ask you to confirm the passphrase, if you have given any passphrase then enter the same here else go ahead with pressing enter Finally both the public and private keys were generated and saved in the location C:computerName/users/.ssh/ Share your public key to the Git team to give you the access and make sure your private key should be secure(If someone stole your private key there will be major chances to steel the source code). How to generate ssh key in Mac Machine -  Below are the steps to create the ssh keys n Mac machine Paste the text below, substituting in your GitHub email address.

De-Compile the .apk

Reverse Engineering the .apk file - 1. Create a folder and place your .apk within that folder. 2. change the file format to .zip and extract it a folder 3. Now you can get the folders res, classes.dex etc.. 4. Download dex2jar-2.0 file and extract it to the folder in which where your existing files extracted 5. go the folder where you extracted both .zip and dex2jar-2.0 folder and open the command prompt. 6. give the command d2j-dex2jar classes.dex or dex2jar classes.jar (This is based on your filename in the dex2jar extracted folder) and press enter. 7. Now you got the jar file called 'classes-dex2jar' in the same folder, now download the 'jd-gui-1.4.0'(java decompiler). 8. Open the jd-gui-1.4.0 and select the jar file classes-dex2jar and select save the folder, you will be asking the path to save the folder and once you select the path your comlete Java files will be saved there. Reference Link:

Apigility Project Setup

How to Start an apigility project - Step 1:     Install xamp server and do all the setup Step 2:     Download an apigility skeleton project from web and place it in xamp/htdocs folder ( Apigility Skeleton ) Step 3:     Configure the Apigility skeleton project folder path in vhosts file(To create a web server you need to do this setup) Ex: you setup the server Url like Step 4: give this Url in the Chrom browser, you can see an apigility UI, Click on database tab and add your database connectivity info and click on new API Step 5:     After creating an API click on Create new service. Step 6:     Select REST tab and give your Web Service name and press Create Service Button - Now you just create an API and service in that API Step 7:     Once you created a service there will be four files which created automatically with the service name as folder         Ex: Service name is 'UserLogin' then in the path /var/www/html/andr

Git Solutions

Git - It's a source code management system, it having lot more advantages. With this system we can manage the source code like a tree(Source code can be managed with the version releases). If you are very new to Git: 1. Create a folder to hold your repository code and make sure the folder name should not contain empty spaces. 2. Open the folder and open the git bash with right click->select git bash 3. Give the command - git init (This will create your local git reference and the .git folder will be created, it will be in hidden mode) To Create new branch and push that branch to remote git: 1. Open your root folder and open git bash 2. give the command -  git checkout -b <branch-name> Ex: git checkout -b develop 3. put your initial code into the root folder and use the command git push -u <remote-name> <branch-name> Ex: 'git push origin develop <remote-name>' is typically origin, the name which git gives to the remote you cloned f